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Welcome to handforgedknives.co.uk.

I have been making knives for over ten years, and I still enjoy it as much now as I ever did. There is something very satisfying in converting a piece of plain steel into the beautiful and functional form of a knife.

Most of my knives are forged, but I do still make the occassional knife by stock removal. All my knives are made from high carbon spring steel or tool steel. I prefer carbon steel knives for their superior edge retention and ease of resharpening, and as long as they are maintained properly, rust is not a problem.

As the knives are made completely by hand, each one is unique. This is one of the reasons I love making them. When I light the forge on a day when I'm not making a specific order, I'm never quite sure what sort of knife will be the result. I let the steel and my mood guide me, it is a wonderfully free experience. Due to my love of the outdoors, most of the blades tend to be outdoor or bushcraft style blades, but I have made various other blades, including a Wiccan athame.

Please browse the galleries and feel free to contact me if you see anything you like, or would like to discuss your own knife designs or ideas.